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Carthage awards 8 $29,000 per year Modern Languages scholarships to incoming students, two per language. These scholarships are renewable for four years.

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The Modern Languages Department is home to a diverse mix of students, 教师, and Target Language Experts from Colombia, 法国, 德国, 危地马拉, 日本, 和西班牙. As a component of language study, you will take courses specifically intended to prepare you to study in 法国, 德国, 西班牙, 或日本. Carthage language 专业 spend at least one semester, usually in their junior year, studying and living abroad. Non-专业 also have the opportunity to study abroad.


The Languages

The Competition

The Modern Languages Scholarship Competition takes place virtually/online on Friday, 2月9日, 2023. If selected to compete, candidates will be invited to the virtual/online competition where they will be interviewed by modern language 教师 and will write a short essay.

How to 应用

Candidates interested in applying for a Modern Languages scholarship must complete the following no later than December 3:

  • 提交 an application for admission to Carthage and supporting materials (high school transcripts).
  • 提交 the Modern Language Scholarships Application. (available in October 2024; join our mailing list to receive updates)
  • 提交 the Modern Language Scholarships Application. (Deadline: December 3, 2023)
  • 提交 a list of all activities and courses related to the study of 法国, 德国, 日本, and/or 西班牙语 in which you have been involved. (This is part of the online application.)
  • Additional requirements specific to your selected language (if any):
    法国: Desire to learn the language and culture.
    德国: Desire to learn the language and culture.
    日本: Desire to learn the language and culture.
    西班牙语: Complete at least 3 years of 西班牙语 in high school and write a short essay (250-word maximum) explaining your interest in majoring in 西班牙语 at Carthage and how being a 西班牙语 major will connect to your future career goals. (This is part of the online scholarship application.) Be sure to mention language, culture, and study abroad.

To apply for a Modern Languages scholarship, candidates must intend to major or minor in 法国, 德国, 还是日本人, or major in 西班牙语.  (An additional major in another subject area is acceptable and can be completed in four years.)

Application Review

Modern Languages Department 教师 will review your application and high school grades. Qualified applicants will be notified in early January. Successful candidates and their families will be invited to the Modern Languages Scholarship Competition.

The Modern Language Scholarships may incorporate all Carthage assistance. Scholarships and grants may be combined with federal and state grants, not to exceed full tuition. Scholarship amounts listed above are for students starting classes at Carthage in fall 2024 or later. Carthage also offers additional scholarships. 看到我们的 scholarship page 有关详细信息,.