Michael Malyszek

Michael Malyszek

Class Year



Wilmette, Illinois



During his time at Carthage, Michael Malyszek ’25 traveled to New York with Enactus, a global collegiate organization that connects student, academic, and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects. During this trip, he was able to attend a national competition to decide who represents them in an international competition called the Enactus World Cup and learned about sustainability. 

Michael was awarded an automatic GPA merit scholarship, as well as several grants. The financial aid and scholarships have made a huge impact on his time here at Carthage.

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“Carthage offered a beautiful campus and a tight-knit community with an affordable price tag. For me, Carthage just checked all my boxes.”

Michael Malyszek, ’25

Why Carthage?

“When choosing a college, I had to think about what would genuinely make the best learning environment for my undergraduate education. After two years of remote school, I knew it was important to me to have a close relationship with my classmates and teachers.”

Faculty mentors

“During my first year, I was fortunate to have a strong cast of faculty supporting me. Every professor taught me something different, and I cannot thank them more. The benefit of a Carthage education is that because our classes are so small, the teachers know personally every student they teach. This leads to a dynamic that I have thoroughly enjoyed.”

Favorite class

“Although I have enjoyed all my classes so far, I would have to say my favorite class has to be Corporate Finance. Corporate Finance is challenging, but if you are a finance major or someone who wishes to understand the financial sector better, this class is beneficial and chock-full of practical knowledge.”

Toughest class

“Although extremely rewarding, Mock Trial was the most challenging class I took last year. A mock trial is designed to simulate and provide a trial experience. With that being said, a sizeable amount of effort is required to keep up with the material and prepare for each competition. If you slack off, you will hurt your entire team. If you want to be a lawyer, there is no better class to prepare you.”

Campus involvement

“I am involved in several organizations on campus while also playing soccer here at Carthage. To give a quick list, I attend meetings for Enactus, Business Book Club, National Society of Leadership and Success, and Student Government. I currently also work in the Office of the President as a student assistant.”

Golden opportunities

“I participated in the CFA Institute Challenge under Professor Chao Zheng during J-Term. The course was named Corporate Valuation Methods. During the class, I analyzed a public company, was mentored by investment management professionals, received hands-on experience with professional trading/analysis platforms, wrote a professional equity research report, and presented my research to a high-profile panel of experts.”

Internships or campus employment

“Over the summer after my first year, I worked a corporate finance internship at Beltone. Being my first employer in the finance industry, Beltone left an extremely positive impression on me and contributed heavily to my development. While working over the summer, I worked on various projects granting me a wide range of competencies to build upon in my future years in the industry.”

Career goal

“My plans for my future are largely still undecided. Coming into Carthage, I thought I would go to school, graduate, and then go straight into law school. Now I favor working in finance over the law because of its universal nature. Get a law degree, and you can work in one state, get a finance degree, and you are free to work all around the world.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus is the bench to the right of the fireplace behind the TARC. Reading a book while hearing the waves crash into the shore is one of the most relaxing feelings I have ever experienced.”

Advice for other students in your major?

“The financial sector is the largest industry in the world. In fact, the financial industry comprises 20-25 percent of the world’s economy. If you were to consider changing your major or adding another, I would advise you to consider finance, as a degree in finance opens up so many doors.”